Leadership Conversation

This 'online brainstorming'
has now ended and we
are analysing the feedback.

Welcome to the Leadership Conversation’s 'online brainstorm' 

Thank you for joining us – we really do appreciate your participation.

The purpose of this ‘online brainstorm’ is to gather a multitude of ideas about how the education and training sector needs to consider ‘leadership’ over the next 10+ years - focusing on the critical question of what sector leadership will need to be like in the future in the face of new and changing challenges and opportunities.

This is not an online survey full of tick-box questions. It’s much more innovative and engaging. Have a go and you’ll see! The process has two parts: first, gathering your ideas, observations and opinions; and second, asking you to consider and rate some of the ideas that have been contributed by others.

We would like you to think broadly and as freely as you can. Please do draw on all your experiences and your insights - all ideas are welcome; be as conventional or as radical as you like. All inputs are anonymous.

Please remember, we’re thinking about the next 10 years and not just the immediate future.

The exercise takes 15-20 minutes to carry out (but you can of course take longer if you wish). You can also leave the exercise and re-visit it – just click the same link that was on the invitation email - to add further ideas. 

Thanks again for taking part.

The Leadership Conversation’s Project Team
email: brainstorming@leadershipconversation.info 

                                                                 The Leadership Conversation is funded by 
the Education and Training Foundation.


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