Global Cleantech Summit

Thank you for the Global Cleantech Summit 2015! 


It was a pleasure for me to open the Global Cleantech Summit 2015 in Helsinki on September 8th. 

We began with the challenges: How today’s world is facing unprecedented challenges that affect us all – climate change, competition for scarce resources and overpopulation, to name a few. Together they can shake the very foundations of our way of living, prosperity and wellbeing – even global stability and security.

Business as usual is not an option. The very basic human driver throughout ages has been the wish to give our children a better life. However, global environmental challenges have questioned this wish. We need to be very clear and ambitious for example with our climate and energy targets. And reach them. 

We had a great Summit with a couple of days of intensive work. In accordance with the Summit topic we all agreed that globally it is time for doing. Not just talking. We are committed to continuous sharing of best practices and to learning from each other.

The work continues also with this virtual brainstorming round. Please take a few minutes and participate to help us all put the Summit findings to practice!

Olli Rehn
Minister of Economic Affairs
The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy


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