UPM Biofore-yhtiö

Guide us in our journey towards a future beyond fossils!

We at UPM are inspired by the limitless potential of bioeconomy, and this state of mind defines our future direction. UPM Biofore - Beyond fossils is the company’s new promise to capture our strong commitment to a future which is not dependent on fossil raw materials.
UPM Biofore – Beyond fossils stands for
Our new promise gives us a long-term direction to develop the industry and UPM as a company. This can happen through an active stakeholder dialogue at all levels.
We invite you to share your opinion about the most material responsibility topics and the topics we should pay more attention in our journey. The feedback will be analysed and finally captured in a materiality matrix. The matrix will then drive our development actions in coming years. The matrix will also be shared with our stakeholders on the Annual Report 2018 and on our website www.upm.com.
Answering this survey will take approximately 15 minutes. All answers will be handled anonymously by an external service provider. Thank you for your contribution!
Kind regards,
UPM Responsibility Team